THE TIMES - Nigella Lawson's Weight Loss & Zero Noodles

Extract from THE TIMES:
No-calorie noodles that could create new look (By Lucy Holden)
As Nigella Lawson walked into court this week, the question on some lips was not about her marriage but about her diet. How had she done it? One reported theory is that she’s a fan of Zero Noodles.
An alternative to pasta, they are gluten free and contain zero net calories — the four calories per portion are burnt off as you eat. They are imported from China by a Surrey-based company, Glow Nutrition Limited, and cost £1.99 a pack. In Japan, where they came form, they are called Shiritaki noodles and have been around for centuries.
Three years ago, Red magazine ran a tiny article about them, which was spotted by Laura Lamont, the managing director of Glow Nutrition. She imported 30,000 packs and renamed them Zero Noodles. She now imports 300,000 packs a month and expects sales to top £1 million this year.
“They’re a secret that Asian women have known for a long time,” Ms Lamont said. “They’re the only diet food in the market that are filling. They fit into every diet. If you were to change the pasta and carbohydrates you eat every evening for a Zero alternative you could lose one to two pounds a week.”
The noodles are flying off the shelves of specialist shops such as Holland and Barratt. At one central London branch, the stock of nearly 90 packs went within five days.
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