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So, we know that Zero Noodles are a great alternative to pasta and rice in order to lose weight (in the context of an energy restricted diet), and we also know that this is due to them being extremely low in calories and carbohydrates whilst being fat and sugar free! But what you may not know is that Zero Noodles are amazing in so many other ways.
Although they are almost zero calorie, carb, fat and sugar that doesnít mean that they are also zero minerals and most importantly...fibre!
Zero Noodles are made up of water along with a very special type of soluble fibre called Konjac Glucomannan. It is this fibre (from the konnyaku glucomannan) that has been shown to help maintain normal blood cholesterol levels and contribute towards weight loss (in the context of an energy restricted diet). It is believed that Konjac Glucomannan has the highest water holding capacity of any soluble fibre, swelling up to 100 times its own water weight.
There has been plently of research on the effects of the viscosity of soluble fibre in our diets and the fibre in Zero Noodles is thought to be the most viscous soluble fibre in nature!
If that isnít enough to convince you as to why we should all be adding Zero Noodles into our diet then have a look at our Reseach Page.
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